MCA Live Retreats Program

Build real friendships, get in-person mentoring, and create unforgettable memories at MCA retreats.

Build memories, knowledge, and friendships that last forever at MCA retreats.

Hey future MCA member! This is Michael Janda. When I founded More Creative Academy, I knew I wanted to make it more than just another online community. I dreamt of a real community with lasting friendships and unprecedented access to me as your mentor. There is no better way to build family-like friendships and dig deep into your business than getting together in-person.

These goals sparked the need for the creation of our quarterly retreat program. Four times each year we have an in-person retreat. Join us for workshops with me, excursions, food, and fun.

Upcoming Retreats

  • 2024: London, England
  • 2024: To Be Announced
  • 2024: To Be Announced

Past Retreats

  • 2023: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (November 2-5)
  • 2024: Dallas, Texas (February 22-25)

What happens at an MCA retreat? Workshops. Excursions. Team Building.

  • (Thursday) DAY 1 Travel and kickoff dinner: On our first night we dine together and celebrate the start of our retreat weekend.
  • (Friday) DAY 2 Morning workshop, lunch, and an afternoon of fun: We start the day with Michael Janda in a morning workshop where we dig into the gritty details of your business and solve your challenges. After a lunch break, we have an excursion…something fun in the local area. Dinner is open for you to go out with your friends or enjoy the resort.
  • (Saturday) DAY 3 Morning workshop, lunch, and an afternoon excursion: The final “official day” is much like Day 2. A productive morning workshop with Michael Janda is followed by an excursion in the local area. Some attendees head home on Saturday night and others stick around for the bonus day.
  • (Sunday) BONUS DAY Kick back and enjoy the resort or travel: Many MCA retreat attendees stick around for the bonus day to enjoy the resort, explore the location, hangout with their new friends or head home. The day is yours to do what best suits you.

“Mike truly takes the time to get to know each member of the community, and his guidance has been instrumental in helping me take my business to the next level.

Caitlyn Hymer, Co-Founder, Absorb Studios (MCA Community Member)

“Huge thanks to @morejanda for inviting RAW Made to his inaugural retreat for creative businesses. To say it was a fun and mind-blowing time is an understatement! Spending a few days talking about business and meeting like-minded business owners is exactly what I needed to light that fire that reminds me of why I opened a business to begin with. I’m so proud to call Mike Janda my mentor and if you run a creative business check out his membership, More Creative Academy.”

Enid Casablanca, Founder / Creative Director, RAW Made(MCA Community Member)

“If you're running a business and seeking a vibrant and supportive community, look no further than MCA. It's not just about learning and networking; it's about building friendships, celebrating WINS together, and gaining insights from fellow creatives and from the master himself, Michael Janda.

He is not only approachable and kind but a genius in both creative and business. The wealth of educational resources provided is a game-changer, and the group coaching is pure gold! Plus, the cherry on top is the retreat workshop—an opportunity to connect and learn in beautiful locations, surrounded by fun activities and unforgettable experiences with the MCA community. You are really not alone in your business with MCA!”

Johanna Daluz, Founder, Banona Studio(MCA Community Member)

“It was very clear that Mike took a lot of time planning the MCA retreat. It was super helpful for business building with the morning workshops, as well as really fun with the planned activities! The activities were not only awesome with lots of laughs but they also gave us time together to connect and learn about each other and from each other. It really felt like true friendships were formed over this time together and Mike was right there along with everyone. Mike was very generous with the whole retreat, I was grateful to be a part of it!”

Kim Fox Pekarcik, Founder, Third Fox(MCA Community Member)

“I'm completely blown away by the level of resources, the level of Mike's personal dedication, and the level of experience and expertise of the members of the community.

I've been in several communities before, and none of them have felt so "aligned" between the members as this one. It feels like a close group of colleagues, a close group of friends in the same room. We discuss, work on, and overcome similar challenges together, with the experienced guidance from our mentor Mike.

Even though Mike is a mentor for all of us, he sees everyone individually and every single person is given the time and attention by him to get the help they need. I love the intimate and personal dynamic of the community, and I'm super proud of being a founding member of MCA.”

Haakon Eltvik, Advertising Photographer-Oslo, Norway(MCA Community Members)

“The amount of value he packs into everything he does is incredible. To have access to his files, his recommendations, his wisdom, experience and of course his friendly smile is priceless.

Wade Robinson, Founder, Wade Robinson Design (MCA Community Member)

Level up your business and have a blast with us at our next in-person retreat!