Feel like you're running your creative business all alone? Not anymore.

More Creative Academy is an online community that provides the support, guidance and resources you need to build a successful creative business.

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Get Michael Janda as your official mentor and a community of support!

Hello future MCA member! I’m Michael Janda and I am thrilled you are considering joining us! Our mission is to maximize the prosperity of your creative business by providing you with high level mentoring (daily direct access to me), resources and community support.

Is More Creative Academy a fit for your creative business?

More Creative Academy is filled with creative freelancers and small agency owners who answer “yes” to some, and in many cases all, of the following questions. If any of this sounds like you, you’ll fit right in.

  • Do you feel alone while running your business? 
  • Super busy and not sure how to scale?
  • Wonder if you’re doing it right? Pricing? Sales?
  • Working tons of hours without much profit?
  • Head spinning with fear about the future?
  • Bad client and not sure how to get yourself out of it?
  • Can’t find clients? Or need better ones?
  • Thinking of going full-time freelance?
  • Want to build an agency and need support?

“Michael Janda is the guiding light that helped my agency scale from zero to over $1,000,000 in revenue in under a year.”

Hillel Hurwitz, Founder & CEO, Bald Agency (1:1 Coaching Student of Michael Janda)

You don't have to run your creative business alone anymore.

Why choose More Creative Academy?

More Creative Academy is distinct from other creative communities for two reasons. First, this community is Michael Janda’s primary focus, not a side hustle. He is personally accessible and involved in the community. Second, Michael has climbed the ranks of the creative industry from a pre-press coordinator to a Senior Creative Director at Fox Studios, and he successfully scaled his own agency, working with high-profile clients like Disney and Google.

More Creative Academy offers a rare combination of a founder with exceptional career experience and highly accessible mentorship to help creative entrepreneurs maximize their success.

“Just wanted to give you an update – the team is 18 strong now (with some new hires), and a few more are on the way. We’ve secured a 2500sq feet office in the CBD (middle of Sydney). We’re now on track to make 4-5 million this year (assuming we repeat the last 3 months/and better). We’re now charging between $30,000 – $60,000 for project (as opposed to $10,000 when you started coaching me). Jared and Emma are doing great, as is the team. Just wanted to extend me gratitude to you man, thank you so much for your leadership, advice, guidance and insight for myself this past 2 years. I can honestly say I would not be in this position if it were not for you.”

Dain Walker, Founder & CEO, Rivyl(1:1 Coaching Student of Michael Janda)

“If you're looking for a supportive, inspiring, transparent community, this is your place. Apart from basically having Mike Janda on speed dial sharing his vast experience as your mentor, you've also got an incredibly diverse global community cheering you on your business journey.

The generosity across the board is second to none. The catalogue of resources alone is worth the membership fee, and on top of that you get group coaching, live lessons on hot topics, plus a library of helpful videos, scripts, proposals and contracts that will answer pretty much any question you have.

As someone who has been in business for a few years and is currently rebranding and pivoting my small agency, the support from this community has been a real asset to help navigate the often muddy waters of building a business. With the right people around you, it's an empowering journey and one you don't have to go through alone.”

Adele Kelly, Brand Strategist & Creative Director, AK Creative(MCA Community Member)

“Don't walk to the More Creative Academy… Run! Michael Janda is the guiding light that helped my agency scale from zero to over $1,000,000 in revenue in under a year. Michael's deep experience, infinite wisdom, and fun personality make him… probably the greatest business coach out there, especially for creative freelancers and agencies. His resources helped us start our shop with a fully built operation from day one. His years of agency experience helped me work through the mental ebbs and flows of the rollercoaster ride of agency life. And he is just such a good guy! Best investment in myself and my business that I have made to date.”

Hillel Hurwitz, Founder & CEO, Bald Agency(1:1 Coaching Student of Michael Janda)

“After spending years doing Freelance work by myself, I knew it was time to make a change and start shifting towards growing an agency. With that, I wanted to make sure I was involved in some type of community that was going to challenge me and help me grow, as well as my business.

Signing up for MCA was a no-brainer for me and the value I've received from it has gone above and beyond my expectations. The coaching sessions are great and jam packed with incredible information, the resources are super helpful, and the community is truly one-of-a-kind.

After being a part of this for a few months I can't imagine trying to continue to run my business without the support and access to this group. Extremely grateful for this group and I can't wait to see where it continues to go.”

Zack Allison, Creative Director, Zack Allison Design(MCA Community Member)

What do you get inside
More Creative Academy?

Learn with Michael Janda

Michael Janda as Your Mentor

No more feeling alone. Michael Janda will mentor and guide you through the community content.

Group Coaching (2x/month)

Group coaching events with Michael to solve your unique challenges twice per month. Past sessions are available for replay.

Live Training (2x/month)

Live lessons and QA with Michael Janda (and sometimes other industry leaders) twice per month. Past lessons are available for replay.

Daily Direct Message Access

Michael checks MCA direct messages daily. He helps you solve the challenges your business is facing, right now, today. No waiting for office hours and no AI responses.

Live Session Replays

All past live events are available for replay, searchable by topic and transcript. There is a never ending library of content dropping with four new sessions each month.

Invaluable Business Resources

Proposals & Contracts Library

Michael’s turnkey proposal and bulletproof contract templates are available for download in the community.

Script Library

Growing library of prewritten scripts to help you handle challenging business situations.

Video Lesson Library

Hundreds of hours of video lessons are accessible in the community with a powerful search feature.

Written Lesson Library

Michael’s written articles from newsletters and lessons are available and searchable for community members.

Pricing Book (Digital)

Michael’s book, The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing is exclusively available in digital format for community members.

Connect and Grow Your Business

Community of Peers

Build relationships with like-minded peers in the creative industry through live events and discussions.

Community Led Events

MCA community members support one another by sharing lessons and best practice in community led events.

Discussion Board

Use the discussion board to share a challenge you’re facing and receive insights from Michael and the community.

New Clients & Vendors

Need to hire someone? Need work? Post a job to the job board and start working with community members.

Live In-Person Retreats

Join Michael Janda and other community members at in-person retreats around the world.

Build Your Creative Family at In-Person Retreats!

Our mission is for creatives to feel real support, gain real mentoring, and build real relationships. Our in-person retreats include workshops, meals, and excursions that help turn your “online friends” into your “MCA family.”

Learn About Retreats

Get the mentoring you need for your creative business.

“Apart from basically having Mike Janda on speed dial sharing his vast experience as your mentor, you’ve also got an incredibly diverse global community cheering you on your business journey.”

Adele Kelly, Brand Strategist & Creative Director, Pure Flow State

“Mike is one of the most genuine creatives I’ve ever met! I’m so lucky I stumbled on his Instagram a couple of years ago. Learning from his Freelance course and books have been a game-changer for my career. When he opened up MCA I knew I had to be in it. Mike always over-delivers and you can tell that he cares about his “team." I’m so grateful for this great community he has built! I feel so fortunate to keep learning from Michael and everyone else in the community!”

Karla Pamenes, CD and Brand Designer(MCA Community Member)

“The vast pool of resources that Mike have kept for us in MCA is mind-blowing. When he says, it is a community that's not his side hustle, believe it at once because he is always there for us as guide, friend, mentor and everything.”

Jay Goyal, Tattvaum Brands(MCA Community Member)

“The amount of value he packs into everything he does is incredible. When Michael told the world he was launching More Creative Academy, I knew I wanted to be involved right away…. To have access to his files, his recommendations, his wisdom, experience and of course his friendly smile is priceless.”

Wade Robinson, Wade Robinson Design(MCA Community Member)

“What an incredible group to be a part of! The amount of value and knowledge in the MCA group is unmatched. We have been looking for a community of business leaders to be apart of for a while and we have finally found it. This is one of the best investment choices we have made. Thank you Michael for creating and running this amazing community!”

Mikayla + Doug, Luveaux & Co(MCA Community Members)

What topics are discussed inside the community?

During my agency's tenure, I experienced it all: from finding clients and pricing work to strategizing a business and selling it. I can assist you in any aspect of your career journey. In the community forum, we discuss topics such as those mentioned here.

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales Tactics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Management 
  • Financial Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Pricing
  • Delegation
  • Goal Setting
  • SOPs / Processes
  • Relationship Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Video Content
  • Creative Software
  • Book Publishing
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Niching
  • Public Speaking
  • Agency Culture
  • Design Tips
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Scaling
  • Studio Space
  • Investments
  • Partnerships
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Stress Management

Your creative business isn’t your side hustle and helping you isn’t mine.

Meet Michael Janda, your creative business mentor.

Before selling my agency in 2015, I ran my creative business for 13 years with no mentor. We were doing high profile work for awesome clients including Disney, Google, ABC, NBC, Fox and many others. It was a great run, but filled with challenges. There was nobody to call to help me solve a difficult client, no one to confirm my pricing, nobody to give me a contract template or help me scale. It was just me and some general business books, trying to figure out how to run a creative business through trial and error.

I built my agency without a mentor. You don't have to do the same.

For the past few years, I have dedicated myself to the mission of becoming “the creative business mentor I always wished I would have had.” This mission has driven me to write books, create courses, and share a ton of free content for the creative community.

But it is time to take it all to the next level. If I am going to be your official mentor, I need a central location where I can answer your questions and provide you with new, exclusive content and strategies. I need a place where we can really connect, and you can stop “trying to figure it out alone” like I did. I need a community where you and I can build a real mentor/mentee relationship.

More Creative Academy is that place. It is the community you’ve been waiting for. We will connect on a deep level. Every resource that led my agency to success will be at your disposal. When times are tough, I am just one message away. And when times are booming, I will be your biggest cheerleader.

This isn’t my side hustle, while I grind through client work. I already built and sold my agency. And I’m not teaching you things I’ve never done myself. This community is my primary focus with real world, in the weeds, actionable tactics to grow your business with more profit and less stress. I look forward to seeing you inside the community! Learn more about Michael.

“The 1:1 mentorship with Michael Janda has been a game-changer for me. Mike truly takes the time to get to know each member of the community, and his guidance has been instrumental in helping me take my business to the next level.”

Caitlyn Hymer, Absorb Studios(MCA Community Member)

“The ability to ask questions one-on-one with Mike has been insanely helpful. Based on Mike’s advice during a client negotiation last month, I was able to close a deal for double my previous logo design rate! Any situation that comes up for me, he has already dealt with it 100 times and knows the most effective and ethical way to handle it.”

E.J. Shiro, Brand Designer & Product Photographer(MCA Community Member)

“I'm not sure where my business would be without Michael Janda. He lives what he preaches and has overdelivered in every way possible. To join More Creative Academy and this remarkable community of like-minded people is one of the best investments I have made for my business and life up to date.”

Marco Reinhardt, WELOVESTREETART(MCA Community Member)

“I've been in several communities before, and none of them have felt so 'aligned' between the members as this one. It feels like a close group of colleagues, a close group of friends in the same room. We discuss, work on, and overcome similar challenges together, with the experienced guidance from our mentor Mike.”

Haakon Eltvik, Advertising Photographer(MCA Community Members)

Let’s start working on your creative business.

“Starting a design firm was really scary. I knew how to make logos and make clients laugh and that was about it. Mike’s personal one-on-one coaching, listening and guidance from his real world experience sharing were incredibly helpful. His nuggets on how to manage my business, juggling clients and contracts, and looking at the numbers really did improve every aspect of my life. He helped me understand the bookkeeping bottom line, and with his coaching my firm grew from a team of 2 to 9. We landed solid contracts from his tips on talking to clients, we now know our numbers and have a successful firm turning 15 years old this month! He’s simply the kindest and truly authentic professional in the business who I highly recommend.”

Lorilee Rager, Principal + CCO, Thrive Creative Group(1:1 Coaching Student of Michael Janda)

Ready to get started?

No long-term contracts or aggressive upsells. Join the community on a month-to-month basis or save $30 per month by paying quarterly.

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  •  Instant Access to the Community
  •  Live Events (2x per month)
  •  Group Coaching Events (2x per month)
  •  Weekly Office Hours with Michael Janda
  •  Community Discussion Board
  •  Script Library
  •  Video Lesson Library
  •  Written Lesson Library
  •  Proposals & Contracts Library
  •  Pricing Book (Digital)
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Paid QuarterlyBest Value

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Per Month
  •  Instant Access to the Community
  •  Live Events (2x per month)
  •  Group Coaching Events (2x per month)
  •  Weekly Office Hours with Michael Janda
  •  Community Discussion Board
  •  Script Library
  •  Video Lesson Library
  •  Written Lesson Library
  •  Proposals & Contracts Library
  •  Pricing Book (Digital)
Enroll Quarterly

Still thinking it over?

Below you'll find some frequently asked questions about the community.

What platform is the community built on and how can I access it?

More Creative Academy is built on the Circle platform. The community can be accessed via any web browser and through a downloadable mobile app.

Are your courses included in the community?

My courses are still separate from the community content. You will find that most of the community members have taken the courses and enjoy the community for ongoing support and feedback as they implement course content.

Is there a discount for people who have taken your courses?

Creating affordable products to help as many creatives as I can is at the heart of my mission. My courses are packed with value as is the community. In my perspective both are already offered at a discount in comparison to other comparable courses and communities you will find in the creative industry.

Do you offer parity pricing?

I am very aware that not all creatives in the world are privileged with strong economic conditions. I offer an enormous amount of free content in support of everyone I can help. I also strive to keep my premium content offerings (including More Creative Academy) priced at a reasonable enrollment fee when compared to other communities you may find in the industry.

What types of people are in the community? Is it just designers?

The community includes creative entrepreneurs from many different fields including design, UX, development, photography, videography, copywriting, marketers, content creators and others. The content and conversation inside the community can be applied to nearly any service based business.

Do I have to have taken your courses to be able to join the community?

Taking my courses is not a requirement for enrollment in the community. However, many of the community members have enrolled in my courses and use the community as a support system as they implement the content in their creative businesses. The courses are recommended, but not required.

How much access will I have to Michael Janda?

The community includes live lesson events each month. I host and attend all of those events and teach most of them. There are guest speakers who teach inside the community, but it is not in lieu of me, it is in addition to me. I have a lot of massively talented friends that have value to share with you.

I also run all of the group coaching sessions and answer community questions in that format. Those are hosted and run by me personally.

Perhaps best of all, I am available daily via direct message and the community discussion board providing you with as much value as I can to help your creative business.

What time of day are the live sessions?

Live sessions are staggered to accommodate a variety of different timezones for the community members. And replays are available inside the community for any events you may have missed.

Have you taken my two mega-courses?

While not a requirement joining the community, my mega-courses are packed with content that will help you grow your creative business. These are the tried and true strategies, processes and templates I developed and used to scale my agency to more than $30,000,000 in revenue.

The Ultimate Freelance Course

This bundle includes 6 courses, 40+ hours of videos, 174 lessons, 60+ downloadable templates, literally EVERYTHING you need to run your creative business profitably and enjoyably!

Preview the Course

Web Design Business Bootcamp

Learn how to create, build, sell, and manage website projects to build the creative business of your dreams. This robust course includes everything you need to build and manage a successful web design business.

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Support, resources and mentoring for creative entrepreneurs.